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We, Allpart B2B online systems, are supporting the direct deal between members by providing effectively real-time business information for members' selling and buying transactions.
Additionally, for keeping online transactions between members safely, we are adopting the Eligible Member Validation Process(EMVP) applied to who want to join this marketplace.   [ About EMVP ]

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting, the Web site ("Allparts" or "Site") which is provided by Taegwang International Ltd (we" or "us").
All contents, information and services offered through our Site may be used only under the following terms of use.


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these terms of use is to prescribe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of us and users regarding the use of services about the electronic components information ("service”) provided on and thru our Site.

Article 2 (Definition)

1. "Service" means all the actions and processed information provided by us thru Allparts for satisfying users' business purpose in using our Site which consists of inventory registration, inventory search and other promotion functions for sale and purchase in a business deal of users.

2. "User" means members and/or non-members who receive Allparts' service offered by us, pursuant to these terms of use, and by connecting to our Site.

3. "Member" means an individual or a corporation who acquires eligibility to use Allparts' service after completing registration procedures to use it.

4. "Non-member" means an individual or a corporation who use Allparts' service without being registered as members.

Article 3 (Clarification and Revision of Terms of Use)

1. We shall post the contents of these Terms of Use on the public in our Site for you to join after confirmation and these Terms of Use shall come into effect at the time of pressing the "Approve" button.

2. We may revise these Terms of Use within the scope of committing no violation of related laws such as Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act and Consumer Protection Act, etc.

3. In case of revising these Terms of Use, we shall provide notification of the causes of revision and date of application, along with current Terms of Use, on the initial page beginning seven (7) days prior to the date of application through one day before the date of application.

4. We shall apply Terms of Use before revision to users who do not consent to the revised Terms of Use during the eligible period for membership and in case of extension of membership, shall apply Terms of Use after revision to users.

5. With regard to items which are not prescribed in these Terms of Use and interpretation of these Terms of Use, we shall follow government-enacted Guideline for Consumer Protection of Electronic Commerce and related laws or customary practices.

6. We shall post a notice of the contents of these Terms of Use, business name, the name of CEO, contacts (telephone and fax number, e-mail address, etc) on our Site so that users may be aware of them.

Article 4 (Responsiblity of Data and Service Contents)

1. The member shall write out all documents or information with accurate data based on fact in the registration of them and responsibility incurred by inaccurate or false data shall be reverted to the member who provided them.

2. In no event will we be liable, nor do we assume responsibility, for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential losses arising out of the direct deal between members in sale/purchase with the use of our Site

Article 5 (Interruption of Service)

1. We may suspend temporarily the offering of service in case of the maintenance repair, exchange, breakdown, or network interruption of information communication facilities such as computers.

2. In the case of the interruption of service under paragraph 1, we shall notify users in accordance with Article 8.

3. We shall indemnify members for damages incurred by temporary service interruption due to causes under paragraph 1 : Provided, That if there is neither intention nor fault of us, we shall not indemnify members for damages.

Article 6 (Member Registration and Acuisition of Qualification)

1. Users shall apply for member registration by expressing that they consent to these Terms of Use after filling out member information on our designated form.

2. We shall approve an application for member registration as long as users do not fall under the following subparagraphs.

1) In case that a user write down false information in registration.
2) In case that a user has an intention to act against public peace and order, good public order and morals by using our Site.
3) In case that a user is not been qualified under our designated requirements for membership.

Article 7 (Withdrawal from Membership and Loss of Qualification)

1. A member may request withdrawal from the membership at any time thru our Site and we shall instantly answer the request.

2. We shall limit or suspend the eligibility of membership at our disposal, in case that a member falls under the following subparagraphs.

1) In case a member fulfilled the obligation to pay duly for debt owed to us regarding the use of our service.
2) In case that a member wrote down false or inaccurate information in registration or used our service unfaithfulness.
3) In case a member disclose his/her member ID on intention or by the incident to others and a third party uses it sparingly or duplicated.
4) In case that a member has done the damages to others on intention or by serious fault and so other members request us to check his eligibility of membership and his faults appear to be in fact.

Article 8 (Notification to Member)

1. In case that we give notice to a member, we shall provide notification to the e-mail address that the member submitted to us.

2. In case that we give notice to unspecific numerous members, we shall post the notice publicly for more than one (1) week, which is equivalent to an individual notice.

Article 9 (Fee and Payment Methods)

Fee is a charge for using our fee-charging services and payment for it can be made by one of the following methods.

1. On-line transfer to a bank account.
2. Credit card payment.
3. On-line remittance without passbook.
4. Cash payment.

Article 10 (Personal Information Protection)

1. We shall collect minimal information necessary for the offering of service when collecting users' information. We shall require the following as requisite items and others shall be selective items.

1) Company name
2) Address
3) Phone number
4) Fax Number
5) E-mail address
6) Requested user-ID and password
7) Name of person in charge

2. In case that we collects users' personal information to be recognized individually, we shall receive the consent of users concerned.

3. Personal information offered must not be used exceeding the scope of its purpose without the consent of the user concerned nor be offered to a third party and we shall be liable for any damages incurred :Provided That it shall not be liable for the following subparagraphs.

1) In case that the delivery company should be informed of minimal information (name, address, and telephone number) of users necessary for delivery.
2) In case that it is necessary for the preparation of statistics, academic study, or market research and is offered in a form such that the specific individual cannot be recognized.

4. In case that we should receive users' consent in accordance with paragraph 2 and paragraph 3, we shall clearly state in our Site or notify the following subparagraphs to users which are prescribed in Paragraph 3, Article 16 of Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc and users may require the removal of consent in accordance with paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 at any time.

1) Items including the information (position, name, telephone number, and other contacts) of the person in charge of personal information management.
2) The purpose of collecting information.
3) The purpose of use.
4) Items related to the offering of information to a third party.

5. Users may require the perusal and the correction of errors on their personal information that possess and with this request, we may be obliged to take necessary actions without delay.

6. We shall restrict and minimize managers for personal information protection and be liable for losses to users due to the loss, burglary, leakage and falsification of personal information, including credit card information and bank account information.

7. In case that we attains the purpose of collection or offering of personal information, we shall discard that personal information immediately. A third party shall be obliged to take same actions who has been offered personal information by us.

Article 11 (Obligation of us)

1. We shall not act against laws and these Terms of Use, or good public order and morals, and strive to offer stable service pursuant to these Terms of Use.

2. We shall be equipped with a security system for protecting users personal information (including credit information), so that users can safely use services.

3. We shall maintain and improve the functions to need for services and do effort to promote purchase and sale of members.

Article 12 (Obligation for Member ID and Password)

1. Members shall be liable for managing their ID and password.

2. Members should not allow a third party to use their ID or password.

3. In case that a member becomes aware that a third party steals his/her ID and password or uses them, the member should immediately notify us and follow the direction of us, if any.

Article 13 (Obligation of Users)

Users shall not be allowed to do the following activities.

1. To register false information in application or changes.

2. To change information of the third paty registered on our Site.

3. To transmit or display informations or computer programs,etc that we does not allow without permission.

4. Tp violate intellectual property rights, including copyrights of us and other third party.

5. To perform acts of violating or impeding the honor and privacy of us and other third party.

6. To perform acts of transmitting, disclosing, or displaying information on our Site that goes against good public orders and morals such as obscene or violent media of messages, image or voice.

Article 14 (Reversion of Copyright and Limitation of Use)

1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights of work prepared by us shall be reverted to us.

2. Users should not use information acquired in using Allparts for-profit purposes nor make a third party use that information by way of reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, or broadcasting without prior permission of us.

Article 15 (Dispute Resolution)

1. We shall reflect fair opinions or claims by users and preferentially cope with them. Provided That prompt resolution is not available, we shall provide notification of the cause and date of settlement immediately.

2. In case of the occurrence of an electronic commerce dispute between us and users, we may follow the mediation of the Electronic Commerce Mediation Committee which is established in accordance with Article 28 of Framework Act on Electronic Commerce and Article 15 of Enforcement Decree of the same Act,

Article16 (Jurisdiction and applicable law)

1. The lawsuits on an electronic commerce dispute between us and users shall be instituted to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea.

2. The laws of the Republic of Korea shall be applied to electronic commerce dispute between us and users.

Article 17. Effective Date

These Terms of Use shall take effect on february 3, 2003.

Please read the Terms of use carefully and join Allparts membership.

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