Allparts ESCROW service

Allparts ESCROW service provides secured environment for commercial transactions to members of Allparts, who are participating in a business deal as a buyer and a seller in Allparts B2B online marketplace. Allparts engages as a third party intermediary between a buyer and a seller to help them get secured transactions thru online Escrow process.

How does it work?
1. Buyer and seller agree to terms of the transaction.
2. Buyer pays Allparts thru Escrow system and Allparts verifies the payment.
3. Seller ships merchandise to the buyer upon payment verifying notification from Allparts.
4. Buyer accepts the merchandise and Allparts verifies that the buyer receives the shipment.
5. Allparts pays the seller and the transaction is complete safely.

Description Service Charge ( Excluded VAT )
Basic charge 1% of the supply amount
Minimum charge US$ 100  (In case 1% of the supply amount is US$100 and less)

Customers can select any option out of three ones below at purchase order :
1. charge to supplier 2. charge to buyer 3. equal split to both(50% each)

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